Oil-Dri 90812 Oil only Bonded pads (100)

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90812 Oil only Bonded pads (100).

Bonded Pads 100 - 90812.

Oil-Dri Bonded Pads 100 are a very durable, oil absorbing, layered polypropylene product, which is primarily used for absorbing petroleum and hydrocarbon based fluids off land or water.

Oil-Dri Bonded Pads 100 are dimpled to maintain product strength and promote maximum absorbency. They can be easily cut to any shape, either around or underneath machinery to contain leaks and sprays.

• Can be incinerated with less than 1 per cent ash.
• Dustless - no contamination to vital machine parts.
• Hydrophobic - repels water to selectively absorb only petroleum based fluids.
• Machine friendly - can be cut easily to fit into any tight spot.

41mm x 51mm x 5mm. Polypropylene.

Absorbency Capability:- (test method to BS7959-1:2004) SAE10W40 Engine Oil: 0.92 Litres per individual pad.

Disposal Information:- Disposal of products once used should be in line with local authority guidelines.
All dimensions are approximate and absorbency rates are dependent upon liquid absorbed.

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Oil-Dri was founded in 1941 as a distributor of clay floor absorbents and now develops, manufactures and markets products for the consumer, industrial, automotive, agricultural and fluids purification markets. Oil-Dri has an innovative research and development programme that has resulted in the introduction of a variety of highly effective sorbent materials.

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