Alpha Solway

Relied upon throughout industry as the benchmark for chemical protective clothing, Alpha Solway garments protect workers against a wide range of chemical hazards throughout many different types of industry. Range includes Chemmaster, Chemsol, Chemsol Plus and Chemsol HG.

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  1. Chemsol Lightweight Trouser CSTE
    Chemsol Lightweight Trouser CSTE
    Code: CSTE
    As low as £44.34 £36.95
  2. Chemsol Lightweight Jacket E/Wrist £ Hood CSJH-EW
    Chemsol Lightweight Jacket with Hood and Elasticated Wrists CSJH-EW
    Code: CSJHEW
    As low as £78.00 £65.00
  3. Chemsol Plus Suit with Hood CPBH-EW-R
    Chemsol Plus Suit with Hood, Elasticated Wrists & Reflective Tape CPBH-EW-R
    Code: CPBHEWR
    As low as £134.40 £112.00
  4. Chemmaster Suit - Hood - E/Wrist CMBH-EW
    Chemmaster Suit with Hood & Elasticated Wrists CMBH-EW
    Code: CMBHEW
    As low as £79.80 £66.50
  5. Chemsol HG Jacket Hood & Elasticated Wrist CHJH-EW
    Chemsol HG Jacket with Hood & Elasticated Wrists CHJH-EW
    Code: CHJHEW
    As low as £94.79 £78.99
  6. Chemsol HG Bib and Brace E/Ankles CHBB-EA
    Chemsol HG Bib and Brace with Elasticated Ankles CHBB-EA
    Code: CHBBEA
    As low as £86.40 £72.00
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7 Items

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