From day one, HexArmor® set out to create the safest, highest quality products on the market. And as they’ve done so, their technologies have broken new ground in cut, puncture, needle, impact and abrasion resistance. Their products deliver the highest possible levels of protection, without sacrificing comfort and dexterity. You need work gloves that keep you safe, and allow you to do your job, whatever that job may be.

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  1. HexArmor 9032 PointGuard Glove
    HexArmor 9032 PointGuard Glove
    Code: HEX9032
    As low as £87.12 £72.60
  2. HexArmor® Hercules NSR 3041 Needlestick Glove
    HexArmor® Hercules NSR 3041 Needlestick Glove
    Code: HEX3041
    As low as £191.94 £159.95
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