Oil-Dri DRCN9090L Lightweight Drain Cover

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Drain Covers are used to prevent spills from flowing into manholes and drains and are an important part of spill control procedures.

The DRCN9090L is a lightweight re-usable cover in our economy range of drain protection. This can be used as a precautionary measure during deliveries or as protection in a small spill event. Use in conjunction with spill kits to give maximum protection and in-house ability to prevent, control and clean up accidental spills.

TheDRCN9090L has broad band chemical compatibility so can be used with most types of spills.

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Oil-Dri was founded in 1941 as a distributor of clay floor absorbents and now develops, manufactures and markets products for the consumer, industrial, automotive, agricultural and fluids purification markets. Oil-Dri has an innovative research and development programme that has resulted in the introduction of a variety of highly effective sorbent materials.

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