Industrial Worksafe Nitrile Rubber Mat 61cm x 91cm

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Standing on a cold concrete floor in one position for long periods of time can cause all sorts occupational injuries from heel strike, back pain to general muscle aches and pains - and let’s not forget about the risks of trips, slips or falls. All can result in lost time from being absent from work or from reduced productivity due to discomfort.

For larger end users Wearwell can specify the best product for your site and trial mats can be supplied - just call Howsafe for further information.

Industrial WorkSafe - always a fan favorite has been improved and expanded to fit today's more demanding workplace. Industrial WorkSafe is about giving workers the right option in even the toughest and most demanding workplaces. Nitrile rubber for exposure to petroleum-based fluids.

Why Industrial Worksafe Nitrile Rubber?

  • Suit to use in engineering, machine shops and tooling.
  • Drain holes allow fluids to dissipate
  • Dry and wet areas
  • Oils, grease and petroleum
  • Comfort

Why purchase anti-fatigue matting?

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce lost time
  • Boost employee moral
  • Help lower injuries & incidents
  • Upgrade facility aesthetics
  • Save money

Size: 2' x 3' - 61cm x 91cm. Overall thickness 5/8" (16 mm).


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Petroleum based fluids
For use in areas exposed to petroleum based fluids

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