Oil-Dri Maintenance Pads x100 (Now 90850M)

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Maintenance Pads - 90902 (100) - New stock will be 90850M Style

90850M - Maintenance Pads 100

The most widely used absorbent pad: the melt-blown polypropylene material will handle all non-corrosive spills or catch leaks and drips from machinery. Perfect for everyday plant housekeeping and can be used to clean up spillages or as an aid for clean maintenance operations.

• Cost effective - absorbs up to 25 times its own weight
• Dustless - no contamination to vital machine parts
• Lightweight - easy to handle
• Highly absorbent – one pad absorbs approx 0.8 litres

100pads per box. 400mm x 500mm

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Oil-Dri was founded in 1941 as a distributor of clay floor absorbents and now develops, manufactures and markets products for the consumer, industrial, automotive, agricultural and fluids purification markets. Oil-Dri has an innovative research and development programme that has resulted in the introduction of a variety of highly effective sorbent materials.

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