Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

Howsafe specialises in janitorial supplies, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment. Our comprehensive range of cleaning products are designed for professional, household and industrial applications.


Within our janitorial range we stock a paper towels, toilet tissue paper and dispenser refills that offer great performance and value for any washroom. Opt for centrefeed rolls, c-fold hand towels, v-fold hand towels or standard toilet rolls. Dispensers are also available.

For general cleaning and to tackle spills we offer blue roll, monster roll, disinfectant wipes, microfibre cloths, j-cloths, rags, dusters, scourers and scouring pads.

Howsafe can supply washroom hygiene products to keep your facilities hygienic and clean including cleaners and sanitisers, toilet cleaners, bleach, toilet descaler and urinal blocks.

To keep your hands clean and fresh we offer a wide selection of different soaps for the workplace including the Deb range industrial skincare range, light duty soaps, sanitisers, hand soaps and Swarfega. Hand sanitisers and skincare creams work fast to kill viruses and bacteria with the addition of moisturisers to condition working hands.

For general housekeeping or for keeping your workplace clean and fresh, we stock window and mirror cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish, degreaser, multi-surface cleaner, bleach, disinfectant, floor gel, floor soap, brick and paving cleaner and penetrating and releasing fluid. Zap flying pests with fly and wasp killer and inject some freshness into your workplace with aerosol air fresheners and automatic air freshening systems.

Howsafe offers a carefully curated range of Janitorial hardware, thoroughly proven in working environments. In addition to mop heads, handles and buckets we can supply kentucky mop buckets with wringers and casters. Brooms, brushes and shovels from highly regarded manufacturers Hillbush are available in colour coded options, reducing the risk of cross contamination by designating the cleaning equipment to specified areas. Double and single blade squeegees are also available with aluminium handles, again colour coded. Litter pickers and hoops can be paired with our collection of bin bags, which includes refuse sacks, wheelie bin liners, square bin liners, swing bin liners and pedal bin liners. The humble black bin bag is also offered in an environmentally friendly degradable version.

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