Swarega Duck Oil 5 Litre Container (DISC)

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Swarega Duck Oil 5 Litre Container (DISC)
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Swarfega Duck Oil® 5 Litre Container

Multi-purpose service spray

Product type: Surface Cleaner

Locations of use: Heavy Industrial, General & Light Industrial and Vehicle Maintenance/Repair

Multi-Purpose - Displaces water, prevents corrosion, penetrates / releases, lubricates, electrical insulator
and damp starter and light degreaser.
Non-Conductive - Can be used on all types of electrical equipment without impairing performance.
Insulates electrics due to high dielectric strength.
Releases Seized Parts - Penetrates tight tolerances to release seized nuts, bolts, components etc.
Economic - Each litre is enough to cover 20m².
Versatile - Can be used on almost any surface.
Effective - Exceptionally low surface tension means it can easily penetrate, lubricate and protect with no
need to dismantle machinery and parts.
Prevents Rust - Helps protect metal parts against rust for up to 12 months, by forming a protective seal.
Easy to Use - Simply spray on and to remove, wipe with a cloth or dip in a solvent degreaser.
Silicone Free - Compatible for use in paintshops.

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