Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Station [LESS THAN COST]

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This is a proper sturdy product that will stand the test of time and is not to be confused with other cheaper products you may see. Sanitising Station with mounted hand sanitiser dispenser and disposable glove dispenser box. Comes with A4 updatable poster frame and one shelf area to brand or communicate a message.

Strong metal construction and finished in a sturdy white coating. Can be securly fixed to the floor if required.

Comes with...

A4 updatable poster frame and one shelf area to brand or communicate messaging.
A4 sized poster (alternative posters can be downloaded below).
Each unit comes with the components individually packaged and therefore will require assembly (takes less than a few minutes once unpackaged) - all screws and allen key tools are included.

Not supplied...

Unit does not come with the sanitiser as shown in the pictures
Unit does not come with a box of disposable gloves.

A security device can be purchased separately which prevents the sanitiser from being stolen Code: ANTITHEFT


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