Cofra Reconverted Safety Trainer S1P SRC - ECO Friendly

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Cofra's flagship eco friendly safety trainer - 9 plastic bottles are diverted away from landfill for each pair. Uppers, Insole, laces, labels and sole inserts made from recycled materials making this one of the greenest items of footwear available. Massive size range so can be offered out to the whole workforce.

Sizes normally in stock: 2-13

Specification: S1P SRC

Slip rating: SRC highest rating.

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Antistatic + Resistance to fuel oil of outsole + Energy Absorption of Seat Region + Penetration Resistance
Tested for slip-resistance on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution and on smooth steel with glycerol.
Featuring recycled components


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Cofra was founded in 1938 by Ruggiero Cortellino as Cortelgomma, a small workshop where shoes were manufactured using the tyres of military trucks for the soles and military uniforms for the uppers. Today Cofra is a leader in the safety footwear market as well as a well-known brand in Europe and all over the world. Howsafe is proud to be an official Cofra safety footwear distributor. Buy online or visit the workwear store in Peterborough where the entire range is on display to try before you buy.

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