Deb Oxybac FOAM Wash OXY1L - 6x1 Litre Cartridge

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Deb Oxybac FOAM Wash OXY1L - 6x1 Litre Cartridge
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OxyBAC™ is a new rich-cream FOAM antibacterial hand wash that combines Deb Foam Technology™ with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® antimicrobial agent to provide unique benefits compared with all other antibacterial hand wash products used in the food industry.

The Safest and Most Effective Antibacterial Hand Wash

OxyBAC™ is a new rich-cream FOAM antibacterial hand wash that combines Deb Foam Technology™ with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® antimicrobial agent to provide unique benefits compared with all other antibacterial hand wash products used in food industry environments.

Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity

Extremely effective at killing a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and many viruses that can be spread by hands and cause common illness.

High performance physical cleaning

Excellent physical cleaning properties to remove both visible food contamination and invisible micro-organisms.

Safer for the user

Non-toxic and non-irritating to skin; does not induce microbial resistance.

Safer for the environment

Unlike all other antimicrobial actives, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) does not leave any toxic residual environmental contamination after use as it simply breaks down into oxygen and water.

Powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest form of antimicrobial oxidant, being composed of only Hydrogen and Oxygen. Its powerful oxidising action has long been known to kill germs without being harmful to the user or the environment. However, high concentrations were required to be effective, which were inherently unstable.

Until Now...

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® is a synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide produces exceptional antimicrobial efficacy.

Efficacy Without Inducing Microbial Resistance

When in contact with microbes, H2O2 works by producing free radicals that act non-specifically on multiple targets within the cell to kill the microbe. This multi-target action, combined with H2O2 leaving no residual antimicrobial agent on the skin or in the environment after use, ensures there is no risk of microbial resistance.

Safer For The Environment

Unlike all other antimicrobial agents, the unique benefit of hydrogen peroxide is that it does not leave any toxic residual environmental contamination after use as it simply breaks down into oxygen and water.

Rich-Cream FOAM Formula

Combines mild non-ionic surfactant with organic stabilising molecules to create a rich-cream FOAM formula with excellent skin-feel properties both during and after use.

Fast Acting

Deb Foam Technology™ provides OxyBAC™ with a low surface tension that enables it to be spread very easily across the hands and start working quickly to physically clean skin and kill germs.

Gentle On Skin

OxyBAC™ has been carefully formulated so that unlike many antibacterial hand wash products it does not contain any allergens. The combination of mild surfactant with humectants and moisturiser ensures OxyBAC™ is gentle on the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and conditioned.

An independent 48 Hour Single Patch Test, with the results validated by a dermatologist, declares OxyBAC™ to be non-toxic and non-irritating to skin.

Does Not Taint Food

The perfume-free and dye-free formula has been independently tested according to the Sensory Test Method – TES-S-004 – “Potential Taint from Direct Contact with Test Materials” and found to not have the potential to taint food when used as a wash-off hand cleanser.

Highly Effective

Rich-cream FOAM has been specifically formulated to provide an effective physical cleaning action in all food industry environments where dirty or greasy hands are encountered e.g. food manufacturing, food processing, catering, restaurants and food service. OxyBAC™ removes greasy soilings such as vegetable and animal oils, greases and fats, as well as food mixes including flour, pastry and dough.

Where high levels of physical contamination are encountered, OxyBAC™ extra incorporates Deb’s unique 1.5ml DoubleDOSE™ foam pump to provide a larger amount of product for optimum cleaning efficiency.

Reduces Cost In Use

The power of OxyBAC™ FOAM, combined with controlled optimum dosage, ensures the right amount of product is used every time to provide more hygienic hand washes per cartridge than traditional formats.

Reduces Water Consumption

Deb Foam Technology™ helps reduce the environmental impact per hand wash with up to 46 less water used during washing and greater product efficiency in-use.

Effective Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity

OxyBAC™ has been extensively tested by independent laboratories according to recognised international protocols and is proven to have an excellent, broad spectrum of antimicrobial efficacy.

Kills 99.999 of Many Common Bacteria

Using the ASTM E2315-03 Time Kill Test procedure, OxyBAC™ has been shown to kill 99.999 of many common bacteria, including E.coli and MRSA, in just 30 seconds.

Concerns About Existing Hand Soaps

Today, varying concerns exist over all antimicrobial agents used in hand wash products

Professional use liquid antibacterial hand washing soaps have been available for over 50 years. Their use has increased in response to public concerns over the spread of infectious diseases and the need for greater vigilance in hygienically sensitive environments, such as the food industry where raw and uncooked foods are being handled and processed.

This has led to greater emphasis on germ-kill performance and the introduction of stronger antimicrobial agents. With this change, more has been learned about the impact that these antimicrobial agents, when used in antibacterial soaps, have on hand hygiene, human health and the environment.

The concerns about all existing antibacterial agents used in hand wash products can be summarised as follows:

Environmental toxicity – all existing antimicrobial agents used in hand wash products are characterised by having residual environmental toxicity that can be harmful to the environment and aquatic life.

Human toxicity – many antimicrobial agents are known irritants and sensitisers; their frequent use can lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions and sub-optimal hand hygiene compliance.

Antimicrobial resistance – the mode of activity, residual toxicity and wide use of some antimicrobial agents has led to concerns of micro-organisms building-up resistance against them.

OxyBAC is HACCP International Certified

OxyBAC™ and OxyBAC™ Extra have been certified by HACCP International as being food-safe and appropriate for use in food facilities that operate a HACCP based Food Safety Programme. HACCP International are a leading independent food science organisation with a Global certification programme for non-food supplementary products and services to the food industry.

The HACCP International Certification Mark gives customers reassurance that OxyBAC™ and OxyBAC™ Extra have been assessed by an independent body as meeting its needs in terms of food safety; that they are:

Well designed with ‘food-safe’ characteristics
Non toxic
Appropriate for use in a food environment
Reduces the risk of any form of contamination
Designed for a low consequence of error in use
Produced using stringent batch and process controls

OxyBAC™ Extra and OxyBAC™ Extra are the first antibacterial soaps in the UK to carry the HACCP International Certification Mark.

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