Solopol Gritty Foam 4x3.25L Cartridge

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Solopol Gritty Foam 4x3.25L Cartridge
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Deb / Solopol GrittyFOAM Cartridge 4 x 3.25L

A unique, heavy duty foaming hand cleanser with suspended bio-scrubbers™
Deep cleaning action to remove most industrial soilings.

GrittyFOAM® is the most significant innovation in our 70 year involvement in industrial hand cleansing and fuses our market leading foam science with truly cutting edge dispensing technology. It is the perfect combination of effective heavy duty cleaning ingredients with non-abrasive bio-scrubbers™, dispensed in a powerful foam format to remove many types of industrial contaminants.

It is simply better, faster and more preferred than all conventional hand cleansers.

Utilising the ‘Science of Suspension’, heavy duty hand cleansing liquid is transformed into a rich-cream foam containing uniquely suspended deep-cleaning bio-scrubbers™, which are less abrasive than traditional scrubbing agents. As the product passes through the patented dispensing pump, it is infused with air to deliver five times more volume than the liquid form.

The easy spreadability of GrittyFOAM® allows for fast cleaning and rinsing, are the direct result of the ingredient system and foam format.


It is estimated that 10-15 percent of all occupational illness is caused by skin disease, ranging from chapped, sore skin to serious instances of occupational dermatitis. Skin disease can result in serious problems for employers, including absence from work and reduced productivity, compensation and compliance issues, low staff morale and even possible health and safety violations. The ultimate cost of these problems can be significant and is often under-reported.

The choice of hand hygiene and skin care products can make a significant difference in reducing the occurrence of these problems.
Why GrittyFOAM®?

GrittyFOAM® has been specifically formulated to combine the cleaning power of a traditional heavy duty hand cleanser with the gentleness of foam. It is a significant development to help address the desire of occupational dermatologists and safety professionals to provide milder, safer products that still do the job effectively and efficiently.

GrittyFOAM® - Encourages Compliance, Reduces Risk
Gentler on Skin

Clinical Transepideral Water Loss (TEWL) testing shows that after repeated, daily use of GrittyFOAM® the hands remain in healthy condition and is kinder to the skin than leading competitor products1.
Better Hand Washing Experience

Fast and effective cleansing, combined with excellent skin feel during and after use, encourages compliance as people like and want to use GrittyFOAM®. See what users say about GrittyFOAM®
Preferred By Users

In our industrial surveys, 9 out 10 users preferred GrittyFOAM® to conventional heavy duty hand cleansers2

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