Deb Stoko PROTECT Dispenser 1L PRO1LDSEN

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Deb Stoko PROTECT Dispenser 1L PRO1LDSEN
  • £9.00 inc VAT
  • £7.50 ex VAT

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Deb Stoko Universal PROTECT 1 Litre Dispenser

In many cases Howsafe will provide Deb dispensers FOC (excludes Touch Free) - all we ask is that you buy the Deb product to go in the dispensers from Howsafe.

Deb dispensers also come with a lifetime guarantee so if you have units that have failed please contact us and we will either arrange for replacement parts or brand new dispensers to be sent.

When selecting dispensers it is always worthwhile going for the biggest dispenser available that will fit into the required location - the Deb product is always cheaper when purchased in the bigger sizes and you will not need to replenish the cartridges so often saving your team precious time (please note that some of the Deb products are only available in one size dispenser).

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