Swarfega® Orange Soap 4 x 4L SORC4LTR

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Swarfega® Orange Soap 4 x 4L SORC4LTR
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Swarfega® Orange 4 x 4 Litre Cartridge for Dispenser

Tough but gentle natural hand cleaner with micro polymer granules

Product type: Skin Care Product

The Deb Skin Care System™: Cleanse - Heavy Duty Cleanse - Heavy Duty

Locations of use: Heavy Industrial, General & Light Industrial and Vehicle Maintenance/Repair

Naturally Powerful - An advanced formulation using natural ingredients to remove oil, grease and general
soiling quickly and efficiently.
Caring - Solvent-free formula helps prevent drying out of the skin.
Perfumed - A mild orange perfume leaves the skin fresh and lightly fragranced after use.
Pleasant to Use - A rich creamy lotion which quickly rinses off leaving no greasy after-feel.
Effective - Contains micro-polymer granules which act like thousands of tiny scrubbing brushes to remove stubborn soilings without damaging the skin.
Moisturising - Contains wheat-germ extracts to help moisturise the hands.
Convenient - Available in a range of sizes to meet various user requirements.
Cartridge Pack - 4 litre cartridge for use with swarfega 4000 hand cleaner dispensing system.

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