Swarfega® Original 250g Tub

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Swarfega® Original 250g Tub
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Swarfega Original Gel Hand Cleaner 250g Tub

Smooth gel rapid hand cleaner

Product type: Skin Care Product

The Deb Skin Care System™: Cleanse - Heavy Duty

Locations of use: Heavy Industrial, General & Light Industrial and Vehicle Maintenance/Repair

Versatile - Suitable for use on oil, grease, grime and many oil based paints.
Added Conditioner - Helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture level leaving hands smooth after use.
Easy To Use - Advanced new gel formulation makes it easy to apply and rinse off with no residue.
Highly Effective - Has the cleaning performance normally associated with products containing scrubbing agents.
Economical - Only a small amount is needed
Perfumed - New mild citrus perfume freshens hands.
Enhanced Smooth Gel - Makes it pleasant to use.

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