Ledlenser SOLIDline-MT LED Rechargeable 1000 Lumen Torch

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• The Solidline ST7R rechargeable torch with its maximum 1000 lumnens on Boost will chase the darkness away.
• Three brightness levels - Boost (1000lm), Power (250lm), Low Power (30lm)
• Patented Advanced Focusing Optics for near (flood) or distance (spot) illumination - simply twist the head for the correct focus.
• Features a handy detachable metal clip ideal for securing the torch to pockets, belts, straps, or work clothes.
• Tough, corrosion resistant, recyclable metal housing
• Charging status indicator
• Simple recharging via the supplied micro USB which connects directly into the battery
• Water and dust resistant to IP54 rating
• Operated by 1xL-ion 18650 rechargeable battery (supplied)
• Designed by Ledlenser, a leader in its field and backed by a one-year warranty

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Ledlenser are one of the world’s market leaders in LED handheld torches and head torches. Rest assured that when you buy from Howsafe, you are buying genuine Ledlenser products from an official distributor who has been offering workplace safety products since 1978.

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