Newborough Workwear and PPE

Howsafe operates a free delivery service to Newborough, supplying workwear, PPE, work boots, uniforms and cleaning and hygiene supplies.

Business in and around Newborough can take advantage of our regular mobile showroom visits, which carry a wide selection of workwear, uniforms, safety footwear (including safety boots and safety shoes), work boots, cleaning supplies and safety equipment.
We can also supply printed and embroidered workwear and uniforms and deliver free of charge.

Latest News

Howsafe delivers to all locations within Newborough, including:
  • Drain Road
  • Guntons Road
  • St Martins Road
  • Middle Road
  • School Road
  • Soke Road
  • Thorney Road
  • Whitepost Road North
Our local Newborough delivery areas include:
  • Crowland
  • Milking Nook
  • Peakirk
Please call us to check the latest Newborough area delivery and mobile showroom schedules.