Nitrex P/F Nitrile Disposable Glove Box of 200 (ONLY SMALL & MEDIUM LEFT)

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Special discounted price only applies to shelf stock here at Howsafe (Small and Medium available).

NITREX Ultra Sensitive examination gloves are manufactured from a high quality nitrile formulation resulting in a strong performing glove with a high level of tactile sensitivity. Latex free & powder free.

The advanced thin film technology utilised in the manufacture process results in a glove, which is suitable for a wide range of tasks in multiple environments.

Each box contains 200 gloves which is double for the usual amount - if you want a case please order x10 (2000 gloves).

Material: Nitrile
Length: Min. 240mm
Protein Level: Contains no latex proteins
Surface: Micro-textured fingers
Shape: Ambidextrous
Colour: Blue
Sterilisation: Non sterile
Shelf Life: Min. 3 Years
AQL: 1.5

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