Stealth Lite PRO Multi Shift Respirator P3V

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Stealth Lite Pro FFP3V R D

Multi-shift Disposable category

  • 99%+ filtration efficiency – Hepac-Lite filter technology for highest particulate protection & ultra-low breathing resistance - Fibreglass free.

  • Protection against – Silica Dust, Weld Fumes, Asbestos, Oil Aerosols & Airborne Particles.

  • Downward facing exhaust valve – no misting or steaming of goggles

  • Sleek unobtrusive design to accommodate visors, helmets, spectacles/goggles & other PPE.

  • Latex & silicone-free TPE medical grade face seal so it can be worn for 8+ hours.

Weight: 58g
Assigned Protection Factor: APF20
Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009

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Stealth Mask are an independent British design-to-manufacturer of respiratory filters and facemasks with over 30 years of experience. The Stealth mask range has been developed by a research & development team that have designed and engineered some of the most efficient and highest performance safety respirators available - considered as the benchmark of the industry today.

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