Face Fit Test Kit

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Face Fit Test Kit
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Face Fit Test Kit

Everything you need to perform a "qualitative" face fit test. Staff need to have adequate training to use the kit.

Fit-testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Facepieces

To ensure the wearer has the correct device, the initial selection of RPE should include fit-testing. RPE should have a tight-fitting facepiece (filtering facepieces are usually known as disposable masks, half and full-face masks). Repeat fit-testing will be needed if anything changes. For example, if the model or size of facepiece is changed or there are significant changes to the individual wearers facial characteristics due to weight gain/loss or dentistry.

There are two forms of fit-testing – Qualitative and Quantitative:

Qualitative fit-testing is usually adequate for disposable filter facepieces and half-masks. This can be done as a simple pass/fail based on the wearers subjective assessment of the fit and leakage. This method is not suitable for full-face masks.

Quantitative fit-testing provides a numerical measure of the fit known as a fit factor. These tests give an objective measure of face fit. They require specialised equipment and are more complicated to carry out. These methods are recommended for full-face masks.

Face Fit Testing Service

Howsafe are able to offer a qualitative face fit testing service for companies within 40 or so miles of Peterborough. The service involves a member of the Howsafe team visiting your premises to train usually 2-3 people within your organisation to do the test themselves. We usually find that 8-10 tests with your
designated employees is enough for them to be sufficiently trained to be able do the test themselves. Once they have received the training they will receive a training certificate to prove they are trained to do the test.

You will need to purchase the Face Fit Testing Kit as shown. Howsafe usually charge a nominal fee for each test provided and you will need to purchase masks for testing purposes.

For further details please call Howsafe on Tel: 01733 560669

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