3M Versaflo S-Series Hood with Double Shroud S-657

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  • Provides head, hair, neck and shoulder coverage
  • Protects eyes and face from liquid splash and low energy flying particles and dust (Grade F)
  • Double shroud design allows the inner shroud to be tucked into a shirt or coverall so excess air can be channelled over the body
  • Reusable premium inner head suspension can be a cost-effective solution for high disposal rate environments
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Externally-adjustable airflow control allows easy adjustment of airflow rates
  • Weighs 310 g
  • CE approved with EN 12941 TH3, EN166:2:F:3 and EN14594 3A ratings

3M™ S-657 Hood with double shroud and reusable suspension offers head, face, neck and shoulder coverage, as well as providing eye and face protection to EN166 - liquid splash and low energy impact (grade F), the same classification for impact resistance as some safety spectacles. Users wear the S-657 by tucking its inner shroud into a shirt or protective coverall, which allows excess air to be channeled over the body, providing additional comfort. The reusable suspension hoods can be a highly cost effective for some high disposal rate environments: just the soiled hood fabric is replaced, while the suspension and air ducting can be reused. It also has an externally-adjustable airflow control that allows wearers to modify the airflow distribution to suit personal comfort needs.

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