3M Versaflo Powered Air Turbo Starter Kit TR-619UK

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The TR-600 is a very flexible option that allows a larger selection of filter choice - for instrance multi cartridges.

  • Powered air turbo kit that keeps workers comfortable and protected for their work day.
  • Multiple airflow rate options for user comfort.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit close to the body and allow for greater movement in tight work spaces.
  • Multiple belt size adjustments for proper fit and comfort.
  • Belt designed with flexible air channels to minimise heat buildup.

With user-selectable airflow rates, rugged construction and a comfortable design that will see you through the entire shift, the 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Turbo TR-600 helps provide durable protection in harsh environments. The kit includes the TR-602UK Turbo, A2P filter, filter cover, prefilters (x10), spark arrestor (x2), easy clean belt, high capacity battery, single station battery charger kit, BT-30 length adjusting breathing tube and airflow indicator.

Please note that if you intened to use a different filter type once you have purchased the starter kit you will also need to buy separately the correct filter and filter cover (as shown on this page) - please note that buying a starter kit works out much cheaper than buying the individual compenents even if you have to buy separately the correct filter and filter cover.

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