Tornado Powered Respirators

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Tornado Powered Respirators

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New Tornado Blower UnitNOTE: Blower unit only. Cartridge and battery available separ...

Code: 2031568

£226.44 inc VAT

£188.70 ex VAT

T1/ML Tornado HD Material Med/Large.An ultra-lightweight half hood, T1 is designed fo...

Code: T1ML

£56.62 inc VAT

£47.18 ex VAT

Peel-off Visors for Tornado T1/ML hood (pack of 10)...

Code: KIT96VP

£16.32 inc VAT

£13.60 ex VAT

T3/PC Headtop with Polycarbonate Visor.Based on a full face visor design providing im...

Code: T3PC

£142.50 inc VAT

£118.75 ex VAT

Peel-off Visors for Tornado T3/PC hood (pack of 10)...

Code: KIT96VP3

£18.72 inc VAT

£15.60 ex VAT

Tornado Battery Smart ChargerTOR/BC/SM - Takes ultimate care of the battery by revert...


£97.07 inc VAT

£80.89 ex VAT

8 Hour Lightweight battery NiMH for Tornado Power UnitUse the Tornado Power Unit Smar...


£189.79 inc VAT

£158.16 ex VAT

TOR/ADAPT Adaptors Side Module.These adapters allow extra filters to be added onto th...


£38.22 inc VAT

£31.85 ex VAT

PF251 Dust Filter P3 for use with Tornado battery powered sytem. Tornado particle fil...

Code: PF2512

£16.32 inc VAT

£13.60 ex VAT

TF233 Tornado combination filters. These combination filters require the use of 3 of ...

Code: TF233

£26.39 inc VAT

£21.99 ex VAT

Scott Tornado Airline Filter Unit AFU 300 Scott Safetys AFU airline filter units can ...

Code: AFU300

£360.90 inc VAT

£300.75 ex VAT

Tornado T-A-Line Constant Flow Airline Control Belt Unit The T-A-Line system is for u...

Code: T-A-LINE

£172.80 inc VAT

£144.00 ex VAT