Delta Plus Tetra 6M Fall Arrester AN14006T

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Delta Plus Tetra 6M Fall Arrester AN14006T
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PROTECTOR TETRA AN14006T - Protector 6 metre ABS, 25mm Width WebbingG + AM016 Swivel Connector and Fall Indicator

Self retractable fall arrester with strap with energy absorber. ABS case. Fall indicator. Inertia locking system. Length: 6 m. 1 connector AM016. Inertia locking system, integrated energy absorber. Fall indicator. 2 integrated carrying handles

Strap: Polyester.

Casing: ABS.

Connector : Galvanized steel.

Weight: 5,3 kg.

Colours: Orange

Examples of use: Vertical movement on a permanent structure. Long vertical movement or movement on inclined surface (roof or facade work for painter, roofer etc). Long horizontal movement on vertical structure.

To use the self retractable fall arrester certified for horizontal use, you have to pair the cable with the L0030 lanyard (as shown within this section).

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