Scott Safety Zone 2 Ear Defender. Helmet-mounted

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Scott Safety Zone 2 Ear Defender. Helmet-mounted
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Zone 2 Helmet Mounted Ear Defender

Zone 2 industrial models are easily identifiable by their durable and practical black coloured ear cup with clearly visible orange insert and spacer. Zone 2 offers an effective and comfortable solution for use in more demanding noise level environments, particularly medium to high noise level work, such as wood working, operating lathing machines and power tools, asphalting or general construction. A consistent all round performer most effective at mid to high level
frequencies, Zone 2 is suitable for long term use in medium noise level environments or shorter term use in high level noise environments.

Zone helmet mounted ear defenders are suitable for environments that require the use of head protection in combination with hearing protection, such as, construction, forestry, oil & gas and heavy industry. Zone helmet mounted ear defenders can be simply converted into a head, face and hearing protection combination utilising the universal 30mm attachment post fitted as standard. Standby and parked positions allow the product to stand off the head’ ready for use or to park the ear defender out of the way on the rear of the helmet when not in use. SNR 29.

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