Scott Safety Zone 3 Ear Defender. Headband

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Scott Safety Zone 3 Ear Defender. Headband
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Zone 3 Head Band Ear Defender

Zone 3 industrial models are easily identifiable by their durable and practical black coloured ear cup with clearly visible red insert and spacer. Zone 3 offers an effective and comfortable solution for use in extreme noise level environments, such as, using pneumatic tools, compressors, working close to diesel or jet engines or concrete drilling applications found in mining, oil & gas, energy, utilities, aviation, rail transportation and general heavy industry.
Zone 3 offers the highest level of protection and can be trusted to effectively attenuate at all frequencies, even low frequencies, which are particularly challenging to attenuate.

Zone headband ear defenders offer the perfect balance between protection and comfort. Optimised headband clamping force and stable twin stirrup ear cup attachment ensure Zone delivers an even and comfortable cushion pressure with consistent attenuation performance throughout the products lifetime. Lightweight and easy to adjust Zone fits a wide range of head size and a foam pad on the underside of the headband ensures comfort regardless of the duration of use. SNR34.

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