Profile 2 Respirator face mask with filter 603217

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Profile 2 Respirator face mask with filter 603217
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Profile 2 Respirator comes with multi use filters.

LSR silicone facepiece
Broad, easy-fit faceseal
Fast don harness
Twin fi lters (Pro²)

Profile60 is a premium half mask which has been designed to provide ultimate levels of comfort and safety. The clear facepiece is shaped to seal easily, without pressure, and to maintain that seal throughout use. Profile60 utilises Pro² twin filters which are designed to provide excellent balance and to maximise duration.
Head movements are absorbed by bellows folds in the facepiece to prevent slippage or leaks at the seal, and the fast-don harness keeps the mask comfortable and secure. The ribs inside the nosebridge seal without gripping, to ensure no outward leakage towards the eyes. This make Profi le60 particularly well suited for use with spectacles or goggles. In fact, Profile60 will fit comfortably and unobtrusively with most
other types of PPE.

The Profile60 facepiece is moulded in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), combining the comfort and fl exibilty of silicone with durability and a long service life. LSR injection moulding prevents silicone vapour release,
making the Profi le60 suitable for use in paint-spray areas and the slide-through harness provides fast and easy fitting and a convenient rest position. The wide, fl at faceseal is similar to that used on full facemasks,
making it easy to achieve an effi cient and comfortable seal. The bellows sections at the nose and chin absorb movement to ensure the seal is not disrupted during use. Profile60 accepts the Pro2 range of cartridge filters, which have individual covers to maximise working life by protecting the filter media from splashes, sparks and contaminant.

Comes with a set of Pr02 mutli use filters: Pro2 A1B1E1K1-P3 Organic, inorganic and acidic gases and vapours, ammonia and solid and liquid hazardous particles.

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