Snickers Workwear: Overview

Snickers Workwear

In 1975, an electrician named Matti Viio lost his cool because his work clothes simply weren't good enough. Several times he had suggested modifications to the clothes he had to work in, but no one listened.
In the end, he lost his temper and became really angry: "One day I went home from work and designed my own workwear! That was my protest against the established workwear industry. I wanted to show that we workers have pride and know-how, and that our need for respect is the same as that of all other groups in society."
And so Snickers Workwear was born. Little did he know that he was actually starting a revolution in workwear, designing garments that meet the unique demands of craftsmen looking for advanced safety, protection and functionality.
Snickers Workwear has been leading the way with pioneering work wear ever since, driven by the same fighting spirit as when the company started.
Today, Snickers Workwear is a well-known, pan-European brand owned by Hultafors Group. It gives us the power and resources to keep innovating the workwear industry. Ultimately making the workday even easier, safer and more productive for hard-working craftsmen throughout Europe.

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