Volcano Kevlar Gauntlet

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Volcano Kevlar Gauntlet
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Volcano KEVLAR heat resistant gauntlet.

A heavyweight, ambidextrous knitted 13” gauntlet made from 7 gauge Kevlar® with a separate heavy knitted cotton lining attached to the inside. It has an extended elasticated cuff for additional protection and offers outstanding cut and heat protection.

Contact Temperature: Level 3 for contact heat, can withstand temperatures of 350°C

Heat and cut protection
Manufacture of glass
Ceramics, bricks etc
Sheet steel
Foundry work
Plastic and rubber moulding
Emptying ovens and kilns
Airline catering

PERFORMANCE (higher score the better) EN388:
a) Resistance to abrasion 2 out of 4
b) Blade cut resistance 5 out of 5
c) Tear resistance 4 out of 4
d) Puncture resistance 1 out of 4.

EN407 Rating - Thermal Hazards (Heat and or fire, X denotes not tested).
a) Burning behaviour 4 out of 4
b) Contact heat 3 out of 4
c) Convective heat 4 out of 4
d) Radiant heat 3 out of 4
e) Small splashes of molten metal 2 out of 4
f) Large splashes of molten metal X out of 4.

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