Helly Hansen 75505 Lifa Base Layer Pants

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Helly Hansen All Season Base Layer

Lifa Stay Dry Technology TM is the best choice when you need to stay warm and dry. Made from 100 percent polyproplene they are extremely quick drying and do not soak like cotton or poly/cotton garments. For work in all seasons not just winter. Keeps you dry and comfortable. Maximum moisture transport. Soft, Durable, Naturally Anti Bacterial, Non Allergic.

Colours: Black

Sizes: XS-XXXXL (M-XXL in stock)
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Launched in the early 1970s, LIFA® is based on a yarn technology that has been tested and developed over the years. The key functions of LIFA® deliver both moisture management and insulation, moving moisture away from the skin, while transporting perspiration to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates.


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Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen Workwear is a brand with a stormy history; starting with humble beginnings in the fishing grounds of the Norwegian Fjords in the 19th Century to become a globally respected brand with a loyal following.
Scandinavia is an apt birthplace for waterproof clothing as it was from here that the Vikings braved the fury of the North Sea, mastering seafaring to raid, trade, explore and settle in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic islands. 
Helly Hansen's story begins some 800 years after the end of the Viking age in 1877, as the 35-year-old Captain Helly Juell Hansen had been at sea for two decades on the cod fisheries and hatched an idea to produce waterproof clothing for sailors. He and his wife Maren Margarethe started to manufacture oilskin jackets, trousers, sou'westers and tarpaulins, fabricated from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil. In 1878 the newly-formed company won a diploma for excellence at the Paris Expo, began exporting its products and during the first quarter century of their business produced and sold approximately 10,000 pieces of clothing.
During the 20th century, Helly Hansen made several technological breakthroughs including the development of the layering principle, which evolved into the the 3-Layer System.

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