Blåkläder, the TOUGH Choice

 BLÅKLÄDER workwear just loves grimy workshops, muddy building sites, weld spatter and metalwork sparks. They have you covered whatever the weather. That's because their garments are designed to protect you for work in the toughest environments.

So while you won't find ties or cufflinks in their collection, you will find garments that meet professional need for durability and function. We believe you demand as much from you working clothes as the tools you use, so choice workwear that lasts, choose Blåkläder.

Howsafe stock a range of Blåkläder products and have done for what must be nearly 15 years.

Over those years the clothing has slowly but surely built up a loyal fan base who will now only buy Blåkläder clothing due to their durability and comfort.

"Buy cheap, buy twice" is something consider, but what about the question of sustainability?

Invest in Blåkläder and you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be buying gear that is built to last and will in all likelihood outlast standard workear by 2-3 times, which is better for the environment and your pocket.