At Howsafe, we take the protection of your feet seriously. With over four decades of experience in supplying protective footwear, our current range of safety boots and safety shoes is the result of decades of refinement based on real-world performance and customer feedback.

Our safety footwear options include a variety of sole patterns and materials to help prevent slips in different conditions, including oil or chemical-resistant soles. Additionally, they can be anti-static, electrically conductive, or thermally insulating. It's essential to select the appropriate footwear for the risks identified. Choose from a wide variety of UK safety boots, shoes, and trainers, including steel toe caps and midsoles or composite options. Trust HowSafe to keep your feet safe and protected on the job.

Footwear which has passed the EN test for slip resistance will be marked with one of the following codes, SRA, SRB or SRC. For information on standards and marking please click here.