Chemical Resistant Clothing

Alpha Solway’s re-usable chemical protective clothing is designed and manufactured in the UK. From protection against cleaning detergents and caustic solutions used in food processing wash down, through to splash protection from hazardous chemical processing activities or accidental jet spray release, Alpha Solway can offer the right protective clothing solution and peace of mind.

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  1. Chemmaster Suit - Hood - E/Wrist CMBH-EW
    Chemmaster Suit with Hood & Elasticated Wrists CMBH-EW
    Code: CMBHEW
    As low as £79.80 £66.50
  2. Chemsol Plus Suit with Hood CPBH-EW-R
    Chemsol Plus Suit with Hood, Elasticated Wrists & Reflective Tape CPBH-EW-R
    Code: CPBHEWR
    As low as £134.40 £112.00
  3. Chemsol Lightweight Jacket E/Wrist £ Hood CSJH-EW
    Chemsol Lightweight Jacket with Hood and Elasticated Wrists CSJH-EW
    Code: CSJHEW
    As low as £78.00 £65.00
  4. Chemsol Lightweight Trouser CSTE
    Chemsol Lightweight Trouser CSTE
    Code: CSTE
    As low as £44.34 £36.95
  5. Chemsol HG Jacket Hood & Elasticated Wrist CHJH-EW
    Chemsol HG Jacket with Hood & Elasticated Wrists CHJH-EW
    Code: CHJHEW
    As low as £94.79 £78.99
  6. Chemsol HG Bib and Brace E/Ankles CHBB-EA
    Chemsol HG Bib and Brace with Elasticated Ankles CHBB-EA
    Code: CHBBEA
    As low as £86.40 £72.00
  7. PVC Gauntlet 16
    £3.90 £3.25
  8. PVC Gauntlet 22
    £17.40 £14.50
Grid List

11 Items

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