3 Ply Mask - Non Sterile Type 11R (Box of 50)

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Please note this item is currently zero VAT, in line with the Government guidelines on certain PPE, in relation to Covid-19.

Please note these are the Type 11R masks - There are three different specifications for this type of mask (they all look about the same) - Type 1 is the most basic offering, Type 11 offers improved filtering and the one we are offering is the Type 11R which offers the highest filtering and is splash/fluid resistant.

There is also a considerable amount of product on the market that doesn't meet the standards - ours has been supplied from a recognised source with the required certification.

Please don't confuse this mask with the vastly cheaper alternatives you may see elsewhere - they are not all the same!

Non Sterile single Use Mask

Offers excellent protection to limit the transmission of infection.

3 plys mask consisting of three layers of non-woven fabric including a protective, fluid resistant layer to help prevent fluid penetration, meltblown middle layer and a soft touch inner layer for comfort.


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