July 2024 Newsletter

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Olympic Spirit and Personal Memories

This month's newsletter reflects on the excitement surrounding the Paris 2024 Olympics and the pride felt by the British public during the London 2012 Games. MD Clark Howe shares personal anecdotes about attending the 2012 Paralympic Games with his family, recalling the spectacular closing ceremony directed by Kim Gavin.

Escape Room Team Building

In June, twelve Howsafe team members participated in a team-building event at Angle Escape Rooms. They split into three teams and tackled various themed rooms, with one team achieving near-record completion time. This activity was a fun way to strengthen team bonds and problem-solving skills.

Back Orders and Service Improvements

Howsafe has significantly reduced back orders by over half in the past two years through strategic software investments. The company is continuously developing bespoke reports to further enhance service delivery and reduce delays.

AWDis JustCool Collection

The newsletter showcases the AWDis JustCool range, ideal for summer wear due to its comfort and performance in hot environments. The collection includes T-shirts, polo shirts, vests, and leggings, all designed to keep the wearer cool and dry.

New Direct to Film Printing Service

Howsafe introduces its new Direct to Film garment printing service, complementing their established embroidery department. This service is highlighted with new feather flags at their Peterborough HQ, making it easily noticeable to visitors.

Website Enhancements

Significant improvements are underway for the Howsafe website, managed by the development company Develo. Enhancements include a smoother checkout process, better search functions, and clearer navigation. More details on these upgrades will be shared in future newsletters.

Recycling Initiatives

In a bid to reduce landfill waste, Howsafe has introduced new recycling-specific containers and educated their team on proper recycling practices. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


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