Meet the Embroidery & Print Team

Introducing our super creative logo application team who are always kept busy as they meticulously apply your designs to our ranges of clothing.

Big investment has been made over the last few years, not just in state of the art machinery, but also the team and the environment. Alongside our long-term team of Janice, Dianne and Julie, we have more recently been joined by Viki and Mille, both in full-time roles, meaning that no machine is kept idle and work flows quicker out to our customers. Welcome aboard!

With various improvements to our systems currently taking place we have never been in better shape to look after your garment requirements.

Looking forward we aim to invest later this year in yet more high end machinery, which will allow even more flexibility, speed, and quality.

Pictured left to right: Julie, Millie, Viki, Dianne and Janice