Solutions for Working at Height

Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries and therefore fall arrest equipment is essential for anyone in an elevated working situation.

Our chosen fall arrest supplier is Delta Plus, a major worldwide player offering a range of quality safety products that offer great value with a host of exciting features.

Our fall-arrest range can be broadly broken down into three categories: harnesses, fall arresters and laynards and accessories.

The first category includes full body harnesses with varying number of anchorage points, belts and even a high visibility offering. We can also supply a restraint work set that is used for work positioning only e.g. with a cherry picker.

Lanyards range from a tubular webbing solution to energy absorbing products. Fall arresters span a range from 1.9m to a self-retractable 6m products with integrated energy absorber and fall indicator.

Accessories include safety helmets without peaks for enhanced vertical vision, screw safety karabiners to connect your kit and safety harnesses to inform and direct your workforce.

All of these products are normally in stock and can be seen and demonstrated at the Workwear Store in Peterborough. You can also buy online with speedy nationwide delivery and businesses within a 25 mile radius of Peterborough city centre can take advantage of our mobile showroom service. Call 01733 560669 today for further information.

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