Supporting the Pass Wide and Slow Initiative

Recently, we were delighted to support the "Pass Wide and Slow Movement" event initiated by Clare Measom. The ride, starting in Peakirk and concluding in Glinton, aimed to raise funds for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall.

Howsafe was more than pleased to donate a number of hi-vis vests, helping organisers to enhance safety and to help amplify awareness for those riding on our roads. 

Remembering the Highway Code, it's crucial to be cautious around horse riders. Slow down to 10 mph, don't use the horn, and pass wide with at least 2 meters of space. The same consideration applies to feral ponies in areas like the New Forest.

Extra care is needed for child riders, who might ride in double file. Be aware of signals, heed requests to slow down, and treat all horses as potential hazards. Horses can be unpredictable, so consider the rider's, driver's, and horse's perspectives when passing.