The Evolution of Howsafe Ltd

The Beginning: 1978

In 1978, while "Grease" was captivating audiences at Peterborough's ABC Cinema and the Peterborough Power Station still stood tall at what would later become Rivergate, Howsafe Ltd began its journey. It all started with an iconic mobile shop that took to the road, marking the inception of what would grow into a cornerstone of the local business community. At this time, the Queensgate shopping centre was just a plan, set to open four years later.

The First Shop on Eastfield Road: 1982

Initially operating from a back bedroom in a bungalow in Stanground, Howsafe’s burgeoning stock soon required more space. This led to the opening of the first commercial property on Eastfield Road, Peterborough. Strategically located just off Padholme Road and near the city centre, it was perfectly positioned to serve Peterborough's thriving business community.

A Move to Queens Drive West: 1983

The rapid growth continued, necessitating another move in 1983 to larger premises on Queens Drive West. Previously a bakery, this new location provided expanded retail showroom space and significantly increased warehousing capacity. Nestled between Aspect Photography and the Queens Drive Infant's School, it allowed Howsafe to broaden its product portfolio and workforce, meeting the growing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Branding Begins: 1991

The early 90s saw a surge in the popularity of branded workwear. In response, Howsafe invested in its first embroidery machine in 1991. This investment marked the start of an in-house embroidery department, which quickly expanded. The addition of digital colour print and cut vinyl badging further enhanced the company's branding capabilities.

A Move to Eastern Industry: 2007

By 2007, parking at the Queens Drive West location had become problematic. Concurrently, Peterborough's Eastern Industry area was undergoing rapid development, attracting numerous new businesses. The redevelopment of the old site and its replacement with residential properties prompted Howsafe to relocate to this burgeoning area, positioning itself within the heart of a growing industrial hub.

Howsafe Joins the Fight Against COVID-19: 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Howsafe demonstrated its commitment to community welfare by continuing operations and launching a PPE bank. This initiative supplied much-needed free hygiene products to the care sector, playing a crucial role in supporting those on the front lines during an unprecedented global crisis.

Expansion of Embroidery and Print Departments: 2021

In response to increased demand, 2021 saw Howsafe significantly upgrading its embroidery and print departments. New equipment, expanded production teams, and dedicated facilities enabled the company to offer faster, more efficient services, further solidifying its reputation for quality and reliability.

Green Initiatives: 2022

Howsafe’s commitment to sustainability was evident in 2022 when the company replaced sodium-based lighting in its Peterborough warehouses with energy-efficient, high bay LED lighting. This motion and daylight-sensitive system reduced energy consumption, complementing other upgrades in office areas, production spaces, and external signage. Additionally, company cars were replaced with plug-in hybrid models, furthering Howsafe's green credentials.

Howsafe's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability: 2023

In 2023, Howsafe took a significant step towards environmental sustainability by working towards the Investors in the Environment (iiE) accreditation. This commitment reflects the increasing emphasis on environmental responsibility within the business world and highlights Howsafe’s dedication to sustainable practices.

An Investment in Direct to Film Printing: 2024

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Howsafe invested in Direct to Film (DTF) printing technology from Mimaki in 2024. This investment ensures precision, efficiency, and consistency, allowing Howsafe to deliver top-quality printed workwear with every order. This advancement represents the company’s ongoing commitment to providing the best products and services to its customers.