Ortho Stand 454 Bubble Anti Fatigue Mat 61cm x 91cm

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Standing on a cold concrete floor in one position for long periods of time can cause all sorts occupational injuries from heel strike, back pain to general muscle aches and pains - and let’s not forget about the risks of trips, slips or falls. All can result in lost time from being absent from work or from reduced productivity due to discomfort.

Ortho Stand is an off the shelf “bubble mat". It has the distinctive and highly recognisable bubble surface design. But that design also builds in great comfort at an economical price point. Constructed of durable natural rubber, Ortho Stand is a solid contender in the anti-fatigue battle.

Key Features of Bubble Mat

  • Dry and wet areas
  • Enhanced anti-fatigue properties
  • Overall thickness 13 mm (1/2")
  • Lonegvity
  • Budget Price
  • Available with black or yellow borders (yellow to order please call - extra cost involved)

Size: 61cm x 91cm (2 feet by 3 feet).


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