Deb Stoko OxyBAC® FOAM Wash 1 Litre Dispenser ANT1LDSEN

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Deb OxyBAC 1 Litre Dispenser

Deb Dispensers

Dispenser design, development and production are fully integrated within the Deb Group, ensuring that Deb dispensers meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. We are so confident in the quality of our dispensers that we guarantee them for life.

Design & Development

Utilising state of the art 3D computer aided design software and prototyping techniques, Debs design centre is at the forefront of dispensing technology. Using a range of testing equipment all aspects of new dispenser designs are validated to ensuring functionality, reliability and integrity in the field.

We manufacture dispensers in our two wholly-owned injection moulding plants which provides us with the flexibility and capacity to develop unique skin care dispensing systems, offering increased benefits to customers through improved hygiene and cost control.

Importance of Closed, Sealed Systems

The format for how products are used is very important in the daily challenge of implementing effective skin care practices. Wall-mounted dispensing systems have long been recognised as the overall best practice solution for delivering general skin care products. Deb is the worlds leading expert in the development of closed, sealed skin care dispensing systems for workplaces and public facility environments.

The importance of closed, sealed systems can be summarised as follows:

There is no ingress of air during use, thus minimising any risk of extrinsic microbial contamination. Deb sealed cartridge pumps are designed to fully evacuate during use with no exposure to the external environment thus minimising the risk of cross-contamination.

As a result, fresh product is dispensed every time. In hygiene sensitive environments, such as healthcare and food sectors, this is of critical importance to help prevent the spread of germs causing infectious diseases and foodborne illness.
No mess

No drips or clogging of pumps which can cause mess on walls and floors and can be a health & safety risk.

Minimal maintenance required.
No wastage

Cartridges are designed to collapse in use so that all of the product is evacuated.
Cost control

A sealed dispensing system delivers a precise measured dose so that only the correct amount of product is dispensed for optimum cost in use.

Wall mounted units can be conveniently located where skin safety is required, whether above a sink, in a washroom or in the main work area.

No need for products on sink tops where they can be a hazard and are exposed to contamination in the "splash zone", which is the area around the sink where water and soilings from the hands are splashed.

Sealed, closed dispensers can be securely fixed to walls to prevent theft of the whole unit.

In addition, lockable dispenser cabinets stops unauthorised access, thus preventing deliberate product contamination or theft of the product inside.
Easy to use

Simple wall mounted dispensing units with large, easy-push buttons ensure that virtually no one is precluded from being able to use.
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Appropriate cleansing of the hands plays a vital part in preventing occupational dermatitis. Using the appropriate cleansers will help with removing dirt and irritants while keeping the skin in a healthy condition.

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