Deb Stoko Stokoderm® Protect PURE 1 Litre Cartridge UPW1L

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Stokoderm® Protect PURE General Skin Protection Cream for oil, grease, lubricants and detergents.

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Pre-work skin protection creams help protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions.
Product does not contain silicone.


Deb Stoko Stokoderm® Protect PURE
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Deb Stoko

Deb Stoko's world leading skin care product range consists of unrivalled quality products and internationally known leading brands. The incomparable breadth of the Deb Stoko® Range addresses the skin care requirements and preferences of all end users to provide for effective skin health in the workplace. To address the threat of occupational skin disorders and the spread of infection, the Deb Stoko Range is organised into 4-Step categories to create an integrated skin care and hand hygiene approach: 1) Protect  2) Cleanse  3) Sanitise  4) Restore.  

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