Swarfega® Cradle Protective Cream 1 x 700ml CRC340

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Deb Cradle Protective Cream 1 x 700ml.

A multi-purpose, antibacterial pre-work protective & reconditioning cream for outdoor workers - for use with deb skin saftey cradle.

Proven anti-bacterial activity – effective against Leptospirosis, or Weil’s disease (which is caused by the transmission of the Leptospira bacteria from animals to man), E-coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Fragrance-free for high user acceptability and to not attract insects.

Neutral pH ensures compatibility with the skin, reducing the risk of possible irritation.
Contains silicone and Paraffinium Liquidum to repel water.

Economical-in-use as only a small amount is required.
Emollient cream to soften and moisturise the skin to help prevent dryness.

BS3286 Invitro Suspension Test for effectiveness against Leptospira bacteria.
Dermatologically tested using the industry recognised “48hr human patch testing for primary skin irritation” method.

Many years proven use through millions of applications.
Not tested on animals.

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Swarfega® Cradle Protective Cream 1 x 700ml CRC340
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The effectiveness of Swarfega is due to the hydrophobic ingredients, in combination with an emulsifier. These are more efficient at solubilizing oil and grease than a detergent alone.

The name derives from “swarf”, the old Derbyshire engineering term for oil and grease and “ega”, as in “eager to clean”.

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