TIG Welding Gauntlet GC147

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TIG Welding Gauntlet.

Sold in pairs
Packs of 12 pairs

Mordant/Tig welding gauntlet. Grey soft grain leather palm and back, split leather cuff. Size 10 only.

PERFORMANCE (higher score the better) EN388:-
a) Resistance to abrasion 3 out of 4 -
b) Blade cut resistance 1 out of 5 -
c) Tear resistance 2 out of 4 -
d) Puncture resistance 2 out of 4.

EN407 Rating - Thermal Hazards (Heat and or fire, X denotes not tested).
a) Burning behaviour 4 out of 4 -
b) Contact heat 1 out of 4 -
c) Convective heat 2 out of 4 -
d) Radiant heat X out of 4 -
e) Small splashes of molten metal 2 out of 4 -
f) Large splashes of molten metal X out of 4.
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