Swarfega® Cradle Starter Kit with Contents DCSP01PR

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Deb Skin Safety Cradle Including Contents

Complete 3-Step skin care system to protect, cleanse and sanitise the skin. Specifically designed for mobile vans, work cabins and other areas of limited space. Ideal for situations where no running water is available. Soap, pre-work cream and sanitiser available sepperately.


Informative & educational - eye-catching, colour coded designs & instructions encourage correct usage and compliance.
Compact – easy to install into a limited space.

No wastage – cartridges designed to completely collapse in use to evacuate all product.
No maintenance - no mechanical parts, pumps ‘built’ into each cartridge.

Highly durable – cradle manufactured from tough, robust styrene plastic and brackets from impact resistant ABS plastic.
Wipe-clean surface – easy to keep clean.

Economical – cartridges deliver a measure dose to control cost-in-use; up to 750 applications per cartridge.
Hygienic – sealed cartridges prevent contamination & cross-infection.
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The effectiveness of Swarfega is due to the hydrophobic ingredients, in combination with an emulsifier. These are more efficient at solubilizing oil and grease than a detergent alone.

The name derives from “swarf”, the old Derbyshire engineering term for oil and grease and “ega”, as in “eager to clean”.

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